Sunday, March 21, 2010


Last week we met a friend at the park for a walk and some play time. It was such a beautiful day! The monkeys loved the swings, although they were easily distracted by the allure of jungle gym. They did a pretty decent job of playing with the bigger kids. Thankfully my friend was able to give me a hand with them even though she was pregnant and had her own toddler to keep an eye on. Playground trips will be so much easier when they are both walking! I am looking forward to a lot more walks in the parks now that it is getting warmer.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Not enough days like this.

When we got home from physical therapy today I decided it was time to get the camera out and have some quality time with the monkeys. I haven't done it nearly as much as I should have the last couple of months. I love being with the girls and I really enjoy working in real estate. I've been lucky enough to be very busy with the clients lately, but I've also quickly learned that boom times come at a cost. Today I ignored the phone and the email and was able to enjoy a great afternoon with the monkeys. I certainly need to work on finding the right balance so I can get back to more days like this.