Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bad blogger!

I am such a bad blogger these days. I have been crazy busy working and just haven't been able to squeeze blogging in. The good news is that I am working on a big contract. Hopefully we will be able to get the contract accepted and closed. Wish me luck!

Since I need to get to work, I will leave you all with some vintage photos of the monkeys.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rainbow Brite makes everything better.

We are still in the throes of teething hell. The monkeys have 5 or 6 teeth working their way through the gum line. Their top two molars are about half way through and their bottom two have started breaking the gum line along with one or two of the bottom front teeth. Needless to say my little monkeys are in a lot of pain these days. Isabella has been screaming for days. Fun times! So tonight Isabella was inconsolable so I started trying to use the Rainbow Brite doll to distract her. She has been kind of afraid of it in the past, but today she suddenly likes it. That doll gave us 15 minutes without any screaming so I love it! Here are a few pics of Isabella's rough afternoon and my happy monkey with her grandma and her mommy's doll.

Caitlin certainly had her rough periods today. Thankfully, they weren't always at the same time as Isabella's. During Isabella's last meltdown, Caitlin was blissfully occupied.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's so funny?

One day last week, when the monkeys were supposed to be napping, I kept hearing laughter from their room. It was Caitlin and she doesn't normally laugh a lot, so I knew I was missing something good. I grabbed the video monitor to what was going on. Isabella was laying down in the middle of the crib on her back. I saw Caitlin moving around next to Isabella, then she crawled right over the top of Isabella. She laughed and turned around and did it again. The third time I saw her do it she stopped on Isabella's tummy, laughed hysterically, then finished crawling over her. She did it a few more times then she crawled over to her own spot and fell asleep. Normally, Isabella is the one plowing over Caitlin, so I'm sure Caitlin thought it was a lot of fun to be the one treating her sissy like an amusement park ride.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Driving and Texting

It might be time for me to start teaching Isabella that driving and texting is illegal and dangerous. They grow up way too fast!

With her multitasking sister on the road, Caitlin chose to stay safe in her momma's arms.