Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's so funny?

One day last week, when the monkeys were supposed to be napping, I kept hearing laughter from their room. It was Caitlin and she doesn't normally laugh a lot, so I knew I was missing something good. I grabbed the video monitor to what was going on. Isabella was laying down in the middle of the crib on her back. I saw Caitlin moving around next to Isabella, then she crawled right over the top of Isabella. She laughed and turned around and did it again. The third time I saw her do it she stopped on Isabella's tummy, laughed hysterically, then finished crawling over her. She did it a few more times then she crawled over to her own spot and fell asleep. Normally, Isabella is the one plowing over Caitlin, so I'm sure Caitlin thought it was a lot of fun to be the one treating her sissy like an amusement park ride.

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