Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two Monkeys in a Toy Tub

The monkeys have some new storage tubs for their toys, which they insisted on trying out before they would allow the tubs to be filled. They also insisted on receiving a bang trim before they would get out of the tubs. Looks like they have given the tubs their seal of approval.

Mommy our new tub is so much fun!

I don't believe you really took a bath. Let me do the smell check to be sure.

My belly is flatter than your belly.

Hey, that wasn't a nice thing to say!

Let me get that hair out of your eyes so you can see.

Thanks! I'll fix your hair too.

Mommy, we are done now.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Take that!

The monkeys have started fighting over toys. I have mostly stayed out of the toy fighting so they can start learning to resolve their own conflicts. Today Isabella tried to steal Caitlin's toy several times. A couple of times Caitlin screeched a little, but she mostly just let Isabella have the toy. This is how she normally responds, although she does sometimes try to take the toy back. I think she is a little intimidated by Isabella sometimes since Isabella is bigger than her. I might have been wrong about that.

We were playing on the floor this evening and Isabella crawled up to where Caitlin and I were and sat up next to Caitlin. Isabella picked up a sippy cup Caitlin had been using and started drinking. Caitlin decided she wanted a drink too so she pushed Isabella over hard enough to make Isabella's head thunk on the floor and took the cup away. Isabella was so shocked that it took her a minute to start crying. I had been hoping that Caitlin would start standing up for herself. I guess when she finally decides to make a point she does it in a big way!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I survived camping with infant twins!

A week of camping with 2 infants and no husband. It can be done, but boy was it hard. The monkeys, my mom and I went to our family reunion in Indiana. It was a 10 day trip with a week of camping. The girls and I spent the week in a tent. They loved their Pea Pod tents! I put one outside for them to play in and one in my tent for them to sleep in at night.

It rained every day and we had a severe storm come through. The humidity was oppressive, which made the girls extremely cranky. That combined with teething had me drinking before lunch one day. The girls were super clingy and didn't want anyone but me and my mom to hold them. There just wasn't much time when the girls were awake that I could put them down or pass them off without them screaming. Thankfully my mom was a huge help. I probably wouldn't have survived without her.

Everything considered, the monkeys did really well and I think they liked it a lot. It was a good trip, but it was also really disappointing. I really underestimated how much work the trip was going to be. I had thought that, with so many hands around to hold the monkeys, I would be able to spend some quality time visiting with my grandma and the rest of the family, but that didn't really happen since the girls needed so much attention. In retrospect, I wish I had rented a camper, but I'm also kind of proud of myself for doing it the way I normally would and making it work.

Most of the pictures are pirated from my mom and from my brother's girlfriend Kelly. I just couldn't seem to get to my camera. I can't remember the last time I went on a trip and took such a small number of pictures!

Kelly, my brother and Grandma.

The monkeys having some dinner.

Isabella full and happy.

Sean, Isabella, Mom and Caitlin

Sean with Caitlin and Isabella. Caitlin was mad that Sean wouldn't share his beer. That's Dick lounging in the background.

Ugh! I somehow managed to get a few large puddles of water between my tarp and the floor of my tent during one of the torrential downpours. There must have been an edge of the tarp sticking out. That's what happens when you rush to throw a tent up while trying to keep infants happy. This is us moving everything to get it all dried out before the next round of rain came in.

Grandma giving Isabella a frozen cloth to chew on. Oh sweet relief!

Sean with Isabella.

The monkeys playing with their cousin Jaime.

Caitlin and Isabella playing.

Isabella on a mission.

Caitlin happy with her momma.

The monkeys playing near their Pea Pod. Isn't it cute?!

Caitlin spending some time with her frizzy haired momma. Ugh - midwestern humidity sucks!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The best great-grandma ever!

The monkeys took a trip to Indiana to see their great-grandma and for a family reunion camping trip. Grandma camped for a week right along with the rest of us. I hope that I am still able to get out and enjoy life like that when I am her age. The monkeys loved getting to see her again. Here are a few pics of them enjoying their visit with Grandma Pauline.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm back!

I have returned from a trip with the monkeys and am slowly catching up on life. I'm too tired to stay up and do a real post tonight. Here is a little teaser from the trip.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

The monkeys enjoyed their first 4th of July. We spent the evening bbqing with some friends. The monkeys were up later than normal since we were out. Isabella was so tired that she literally "fell" asleep. Right on Caitlin.

Friday, July 3, 2009

11 Months!

I can't believe how quickly the monkeys' first birthday is sneaking up on me! We did a little photo session this week to try to get a picture for their birthday party invitation. Trying to get two infants to do exactly what you want at the same time is almost impossible. The picture above was my favorite. It was not exactly what I want for the invitation though, so I'm not sure if it is the one we will choose. Here are a few of the others that definitely will not be on the invitation.

Look I found a pretty flower.

Momma did you see the pretty bow in sissy's hair?

I want the pretty bow!

No Caitlin leave her bow alone!

I must have the bow!

Aw Momma! Switching us around so I can't get the bow was not fair!