Saturday, July 25, 2009

Take that!

The monkeys have started fighting over toys. I have mostly stayed out of the toy fighting so they can start learning to resolve their own conflicts. Today Isabella tried to steal Caitlin's toy several times. A couple of times Caitlin screeched a little, but she mostly just let Isabella have the toy. This is how she normally responds, although she does sometimes try to take the toy back. I think she is a little intimidated by Isabella sometimes since Isabella is bigger than her. I might have been wrong about that.

We were playing on the floor this evening and Isabella crawled up to where Caitlin and I were and sat up next to Caitlin. Isabella picked up a sippy cup Caitlin had been using and started drinking. Caitlin decided she wanted a drink too so she pushed Isabella over hard enough to make Isabella's head thunk on the floor and took the cup away. Isabella was so shocked that it took her a minute to start crying. I had been hoping that Caitlin would start standing up for herself. I guess when she finally decides to make a point she does it in a big way!

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