Monday, November 9, 2009

Nana Banana is her name.

Despite my mom's best efforts, grandma is not in the monkeys' vocabulary yet. It's just not a word they feel compelled to say. I have encouraged her to try nana for many months to no avail. Until a few weeks ago that is. She was feeding the monkeys a banana, as she often does, and was trying once again to teach them grandma. I told the girls to call her Nana Banana. They both looked at her laughed. She is now officially Nana Banana. They aren't saying it yet, but they look at her and smile every time they hear it.


  1. They eat more banna than I do. I sure can not eat in front of them. They are my little angels..

  2. We have one of these butterflies - and the girls LOVE it!