Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tooth! and My Birthday

Caitlin has her first tooth! She wouldn't let me feel her gums for a couple of days, but I believe it broke the gum line on Monday or most likely Tuesday. Her first one is the bottom front right tooth. I'm so happy we are starting to make progress! Hopefully they will both get the other front bottom teeth through soon so we can have a few weeks without cranky babies.

Monday was my birthday. It was such a nice day! We spent the day at home with the girls and a few friends came over for a b-b-q that evening. It was a very low key day, unlike our normal Memorial Day b-b-qs. Life has been so crazy lately, that a quiet day was extra special. My friend Sandi made this spring fling cake for me:

She also made a second cake that was from the monkeys. She was going to have them put their hand prints in the icing. It was such a cute idea! Unfortunately, Caitlin's hand pulled up a large section of the icing so it didn't exactly work out as planned.

Here are a couple of rare pictures of me with the girls and a couple of the girls playing.

Me and Caitlin

Me and Isabella




  1. Alyssa,The picture of Isabella by her self.
    The expression on her face and her eyes looks like Carol. but I wouldn't tell her it might go to her head. you know how Grandmas are