Saturday, May 16, 2009


Isabella has her first tooth! Well, ok, she technically had her first tooth last Saturday. The left front tooth on the bottom broke the gum line last weekend, but I just didn't really feel like I could say she had a tooth until you could see a significant amount of it above the gum line. It is coming up sooo slowly, but it is starting to be more visible. I can't believe how sharp that jagged edge is! She bit my finger just the right way the other day and it hurt so bad that I might have let a naughty word slip out. Oops! Her bottom right front tooth is almost ready to break the gum line too.

Caitlin's teeth are taking a bit longer to come through. Both of her bottom front teeth are sitting just below the gum line. I think she is going to get her right one first. Hopefully she will catch up with Isabella quickly.

Let the biting begin!

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  1. Yay for that tooth finally coming through. I hope they both get to feeling better soon.