Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

First let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jeff! I hope you enjoyed the day.

Even though this wasn't the monkeys' first Halloween it felt like it was. We took them to their first Halloween Party last weekend. When we first put them in their costumes, Isabella screamed for quite awhile. She did not like it all. She took a nap on the way to the party and was much happier with the costume when she woke up. The monkeys had fun at the party, but they were rather anti-social and only wanted to be right by us. There were a LOT of people there so that certainly played a role. I think I need to try really hard to fit more play dates into our schedule again too.

Today we went and did some early Christmas shopping for the girls and played outside in the snow for awhile. I will post some pics later this week. Then after dinner we put them in their costumes and waited for the trick or treaters. They are so cute in their costumes! The monkeys weren't sure what to think about the trick or treaters. Sometimes they got excited and sometimes they just sat there with a confused expression. Overall I think they enjoyed it. It was so warm out tonight that I wished we had taken them trick or treating. I am looking forward to doing it next year when they can walk on their own and really enjoy it.

Happy Halloween everyone!

P.S. The monkeys didn't get to sample any of the candy in their buckets. I'm such a mean mommy! They were far more upset about not getting to stay outside than they were about not getting any candy.

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