Saturday, June 13, 2009

I am so far behind.

I know I am slacking with my posts this week. It has been a really hectic week. I officially received my real estate broker's license. So happy about that! Now I just have a lot of work to do to get started. I might have my first client already which is so exciting! I went out on Thursday night for a girls night out. We had dinner and drinks then we went to Rent. It was such a fun night! I need to do a girls night out more often. On Friday we had a play date with a friend and her little girl. The monkeys had a good time, but we are going to have to work on them sharing their toys.

There is a bunch of monkey news to catch up on. I will do a Caitlin post and an Isabella post. Hopefully I will be able to do them tomorrow. We have had a lot of sporadic sleeping issues lately. Between the teething and the milestones they have had a lot of distractions. Here are a couple of pictures of them getting some sleep. Good night!

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  1. What are they going to do when you put them in their own sleeping tents.