Sunday, June 7, 2009

My daughter the criminal mastermind.

I've been meaning to make this post for a couple of weeks. The monkeys are always stealing toys from each other. Whatever toy the other twin has is always the best one. Caitlin is not only an excellent toy thief, she is also a hoarder. Anytime she is close enough to Isabella she takes the toy Isabella is playing with and puts it in a pile out of Isabella's reach. When Isabella picks up another toy, Caitlin takes it as well. This goes on and on until Isabella doesn't have any more toys in reach and gets upset. Caitlin doesn't take the toys to play with them. She just wants to pile them up next to her. I think she likes having the power to take something from her sister.

So a couple of weeks ago the monkeys are laying on their boppies drinking from their bottles. After a few minutes Caitlin reached over to Isabella to touch her hand. It was so cute because it looked like she was trying to have a special bonding moment with Isabella. She touched Isabella's hand a few more times and then held it for a minute. I was watching and having one of those awww, they are so darn cute and I love having twins moments. Then, Caitlin suddenly took her hand off of Isabella's and stole her bottle right out of her mouth. As soon as she had it, she turned away from Isabella and started playing with the bottle. The whole sisterly bonding thing was just a ploy to steal Isabella's bottle.

I think instead of trying to teach Caitlin to say I love you mommy, I should start focusing on teaching her to use her intelligence for good and not evil.

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