Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This day was a mixed bag.

The monkeys are 10 months old today!

First, I'll start with my test results yesterday. I passed with a very good score. Yay for me! I was hoping to take the state exam for my broker's license this week, but there was not an available slot so I can't take it until next Tuesday. I'm bummed about that. I am so tired of dealing with the class stuff. I really wanted to take it this week so I could move on and start trying to land my first transaction.

Today. Caitlin started off the day with some serious poo grunting and then crying for her mommy. I gave her some prunes thinking that would help her move things along. I put her on the floor to play until she started crying and acting like she was in pain. So I picked her up and sat down in front of my open computer. She was straining so hard to have her bm that she puked up the prunes. All over the two of us. All over my computer. Later on she was straining again and this time when she puked it didn't come out of her mouth at all. It just came out of her nose. She was struggling to relax enough to breath and I was kind of freaked that she was going to suck the stuff into her lungs. We got her to relax and then a little later she did it again. By this time I was getting concerned so I called the pedi's office. They told me to put her in a warm bath. So I did that and voila 15 minutes later everyone is happy. Well, I would have been happier if I didn't have to clean up the tub. While I love being a mommy, there are some parts I could do without!

Caitlin telling her daddy about her day.

I was able to spend some one-on-one time with Isabella today while Caitlin was taking a nap. Apparently, my little baby is suddenly into full on interaction with the world. I am not sure if it just happened overnight or if I have just been too wrapped up in getting my broker's license. We were looking at a touch and feel book and she was completely aware of the fact that the pages had parts with different textures. She really liked the fuzzy animal pages. That was a first. Usually the girls just want to grab the books and chew on them. The other big moment was sitting on the floor with the girls. I have been working on helping them move up to a sitting position on their own. Isabella is really close to doing it by herself. The special moment though came when we did our good job and clap when she sat up. This time her face lit up, she smiled and I think she said yay. It was so easy to see that she knew she did something good and was enjoying the moment. Each time we did the sit up routine after that, her reaction was the same. Her celebration of her success made me feel all happy and mushy. I'm turning into a big sap!

Later in the day, Isabella discovered the basket of clean diapers and decided to help her mommy with them. She kept trying to pull herself up enough to pull the diapers out. After she took out all of the ones closest to her, she pulled too hard and the basket fell over on top of her. It was so cute!

The aftermath of Isabella vs. the basket.