Monday, August 24, 2009

I need to childproof my car seats.

We switched the monkeys to convertible car seats a couple of months ago. Isabella figured out how to get out of the chest straps today. She was able to work the chest buckle down until it was low enough to get her arms out. I think (hope!) she is a long way from figuring out the bottom buckle. I am afraid though that if she can get her arms out then she can get the bottom part of the strap loose enough to get her legs out. Now I have to figure out how to childproof my car seats. :( This is such a bad thing! What am I going to do next year if she is already trying to get out now? I plan on keeping them rear facing as long as I possibly can. Now I am afraid that I am going to be driving down the highway one day and will see her head pop up over the seat.

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