Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pool Time!

The monkeys had a another pool play date with their friend Leo. Here are a few pictures of them enjoying their pool time.

So Caitlin, if you help me fill this bucket I won't pour it on you. Sound like a deal?

I am such a cute deal maker!

Why is everyone sitting so far away from me? Does my hat look goofy or something?

If I turn away from them, they won't see me filling this with water. Then I can spray them when they least expect it!

Our mommy won't put enough water in this pool for us to do a cannonball. Will you pour some water on us so we can stay cool? We really want a diving board on our next pool!

1 comment:

  1. Pool time just makes the whole family happy. I just walked outside and my husband put our girls in the pool with no suits, no swimmers...nothing...and they were loving it. I'll post pics soon. I & C are such cute little lady bugs!