Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Caitlin's newest word is bowl. It is so funny when she says it because she pronounces it with a sharp b and exaggerates the ow. I love this learning stage they are in!

In honor of the addition of bowl to their vocabulary, I am posting some pics of them playing in a bowl. They were in the kitchen playing by themselves a few weeks ago. I walked in and saw Isabella sitting in this container I let them play with. Caitlin thought it was too cool for her to be left out so she tried her hardest to get in the bowl with Isabella. Isabella on the other hand had no desire to share her new found spot with her sister. After a whole lot of pushing on Caitlin's part, Isabella decided there was something else more fun for her to do and left Caitlin to enjoy the bowl. Oh, by the way. If you look closely, you will see that Cheerios stick to fleece jammies very well. :)

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  1. love that they are both determined to fit into that bowl together- and they actually succeeded- it's like one of those ropes course challenges that they make you do, although perhaps their motivation was more about competition for the bowl than working together, but it still works! PS- I hear you on that cheerios sticking to the fleece jamies- pain in my you know what! ;)