Sunday, December 20, 2009

First taste of snow

I meant to do this post back in October, so I'm obviously a little late. :) We had a big snow before Halloween. Halloween day was a beautiful day though. We took the monkeys outside for their first real chance to explore the snow. They had a lot of fun playing with the snowballs and eating the snow. They liked eating it so much that they wouldn't put their snowballs down even when their fingers were freezing.

Look mommy, rays from Heaven appear when you hold it up! It's magical!

Num, num, num.

My fingers are so cold!

Whoa, if you hold it long enough it turns to ice!

I love snow!

Can we play outside every time it snows?

Daddy, where are our snow tires? We can't drive up the mountain with these!

Now this is a snowball!

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