Monday, December 14, 2009

Door with a view

We replaced our front door a couple of years ago. Our old screen door was one of those ugly ones with two half panes of glass that you can open. It was nice to have a breeze flow through, but I never felt safe with it. Our current door has a solid pane of glass. Little did I know when we bought it how important it was going to be to our family.

The monkeys' favorite place to play is in that doorway. They happily spend hours watching the world go by. They smile and point when someone walks by with a dog. They love doggies! Every time someone walks by and waves they get so excited and wave back. When it is snowing, they like to sit there and watch the snow fall. Even if the air coming off of the glass is freezing cold. They love to sit there and wait for their daddy to come home from work. Now that it is getting dark so early, they go to door as the sun starts setting knowing that it means daddy will be home soon. That simple door frames the world that means so much to my monkeys.

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