Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Happy late Thanksgiving everyone! We had a nice, albeit very low key, day at home. This year it was just us and mom. She made a very nice dinner for us. It is one of only a couple of years in my life that I haven't spent the day with a handful of family and/or friends. I must say that I much prefer having a gathering. It just didn't really seem like Thanksgiving without the hubbub of people around. Next year it will be back to ordering dinner from Tony's and inviting people to join us.

We spent black Friday at the zoo with our little monkeys. It was a beautiful 70 degree day. We had such a pleasant afternoon. The zoo was quite busy, so I guess we weren't the only people who preferred to be outside over shopping with the vultures. I finally remembered to take the camera along this time. Unfortunately, I missed a fabulous photo op provided by one of the grizzlies. Just couldn't get the camera out and ready in time. I did get some pics of a big bear and some monkeys though. Check them out!

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