Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cottage cheese = big mistake

The monkeys have been eating solid foods for some time now. We have been moving fairly slowly with it, but the girls have tried a large variety of meats, fruits and vegetables. So far, they have eaten everything we have given them without any problems, with the exception of some occasional weird expressions when the food has a lot of texture. Until today that is.

We have given them yogurt a few times and they really liked it. So today I thought we would branch out into cottage cheese. Um, yeah, that did not go so well. They both took a few bites with an expression that clearly said they didn't like it. I thought I would keep trying since they were eating it to see if they changed their opinion of it. We got a couple of more bites in before Isabella started trying to spit it out and then started choking. I went to get her out of the high chair to help her get it out. She beat me to it though and cleared it out on her own, along with all of the contents of her stomach. Yuck! I guess we will not be trying cottage cheese again for some time.

On another note, my brother finally decided to visit our blog today. He apparently is having some trouble telling the monkeys apart. In his honor, I am posting a picture of a time when it was really hard to tell them apart. In fact, if you look at their feet, you will see that we left the bands on them just in case we had any problems. (We didn't, but the bands were helpful to the home visit nurses.) This is Sean with the monkeys when they were 8 days old. Caitlin is on the left and Isabella is on the right.


  1. What a great picture!!!!! they are so tiny in Sean's arms!!!

  2. Sean looks very comfortable holding them.