Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Isabella called Caitlin sissy today! It was sooo cute! She rolled over to the base of the chair I was sitting in. I was holding Caitlin at the time so I held Caitlin over Isabella to let Isabella play with Caitlin's feet. Isabella was looking at Caitlin's face and said sissy. I was shocked! Thinking it might have been my imagination, I repeated it a few times and each time she said it right back while looking at Caitlin. It just melted my heart. I really didn't think either one of them would say it for a few more months, but they do hear it all of the time so I really shouldn't be so surprised.

They are both talking quite a bit. They both say mama, dada and yeah. Isabella has said bye and we think she said hi a couple of times. Caitlin has said uh-oh and nite, nite - well that one came out more as ni, ni - and bob. Not sure where bob came from. For a couple of weeks Isabella was saying dada all day and night long. It was making her momma a bit crazy. Her first word was mama but after the first week of saying it she rarely does anymore. I am happy she says dada so much since I'm sure it makes Jeff happy, but at 3 am I would rather hear mama than dada, especially when daddy is sound asleep. :)


  1. Hello Alyssa and Monkeys. I found your site from the Multiples and More Blog and felt we had so much in common that I just had to leave you a comment. First, your girls are adorable. I am a mother of two identical girls that were born August 3, 2008, although I was only 29 weeks so they were quite premature, but we've grown by leaps and bounds and are very healthy. We also call them our Monkey's because our last name is KEY. We always joke that we should have just named them Mon and Don so they would offically be Mon Key and Don Key. I look forward to following your blog and knowing there are others out there with a similar life. Our blog is if you want to see who we are. Goodnight!

  2. bob might be from trying to get her to say bottle (bobo)