Friday, April 17, 2009

Moving on up.

I have been feeding the monkeys in their super
seats for the last couple of months. In the beginning it worked out very well and was easier than getting their highchairs out. The feedings over the last few weeks have been much more of a chore as they have been distracted by toys and bending all over the place. Yesterday they moved up to eating in their highchairs. It is so much easier to feed them now that they are strapped into place. The only downside to their cool new chairs is that the straps are made for bigger babies (even on the smallest setting) so they still have a lot of wiggle room.

Today was an eventful day. We are in the middle of a spring snow storm. Fortunately, the snow is mostly melting or we would be buried right now. The flakes were huge and really pretty for a good part of the afternoon.

Isabella's bangs were getting pretty long and straggly so I trimmed them today. If they are not straight, don't blame me. That little monkey will not be still for me! On the funny side, the girls were playing on the floor and Isabella worked her way into Caitlin's space. Caitlin wasn't too happy about Isabella's head being in her way so she gave her a few get-out-of-my-space kicks to the head. Don't worry, the kicks weren't hard enough to hurt - they were just enough to motivate Isabella to move.

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  1. The Twins hair is sooooooooo cute!

    NicB the nest