Saturday, April 11, 2009

I can't believe I own a mini-van.

We bought a mini-van this week! I always said I would not be a stay at home mom and that there was no way I would ever own a mini-van. Now look at me. I feel like a suburban stereotype. Now I just need a cashmere sweater set and a pearl necklace to wear when I take the girls to soccer practice. :) Alright, so it is not really that bad. I loved my Accord. It was so fun to drive and it was such a sweet looking car. It just was not right for our family. Caitlin's car anxiety was a big motivator to finally give in and make the trade. There just was not much room between the car seats and it was only going to get worse when we made the transition to the convertible car seats. At least now we will be able to take one car when we have visitors. Road trips will be a lot easier too. It took a lot of creativity to pack the Accord for four people for a week, especially when two of them are infants. We will be able to take the kitchen sink with us now :) Seriously, the new van is really nice. It is a 2009 Honda Odyssey. It is a dark blue, although the paint is kind of iridescent so it looks like a Barneymobile in some light and kind of teal in other light. So far, Caitlin seems to be doing much better in it than she did in the car. We think she is able to see out of the windows more, which might be alleviating some of her anxiety.

Here is a picture of the girls from yesterday. The little monkeys are making their momma a bit crazy. I have been sure they are teething for about two and half months now, yet there are still no teeth. If those little buggars do not come through soon, I might have to take a long solo vacation. The monkeys have started drooling excessively the last couple of days so I am hopeful that we are finally getting really close. Please let me be right!


  1. Congrats on the mini-van! I (half) understand your need for teeth...James has 6 teeth, and Maggie (well...) she has two. She has drooled longer and no teeth to show for it. Not sure if you are aware (and my Maggie is rather round in the face, so it may just be her) but sometimes the drool will saturate the bib andthen clothing, With both being damp their skin can "breakout" in a slight rash. No fear...jsut keep a fresh bib on hand, so that they don't saturate clothing through the bib...does any of that make sense??? Either way, they will one day get teeth, at least right now they cannot BITE EACH OTHER! : )
    Happy EASTER!

  2. hmmmm . . . no comment- I'm still in that stage where I'm swearing that I won't ever own a minivan. Denial is my friend ;)