Monday, April 20, 2009

Uh-oh mobility is coming.

The monkeys have been making a lot of motor skills progress over the last couple of weeks.

Isabella is getting her knees up underneath her. She is so cute when she is sitting there on all fours with an expression on her face that says I know there is something more to this but I'm just not sure what it is. A few times she has maneuvered herself over to her super seat and pulled something off of the tray. She is mostly just reaching, but she is showing some signs of starting to pull herself up. She is also doing a great job of standing on the floor with some assistance and unassisted when she is in the exersaucer. She does a great job of sitting and is working on learning how to get back to the floor from a sitting position. She still hasn't figured out how to roll from her tummy to back. The little Houdini has figured out how to roll over within the confines of her sleep positioner. Now it's back to repeatedly going in and turning her over during nap time.

We are so thrilled with the major progress Caitlin is making! We bought a jumperoo to try to get her to put her legs down and start putting some weight on them. It has worked so much better than the exersaucer. We all work with her everyday on the floor too. She is finally starting to stand on her legs a little. She is also starting to roll all over the place on the floor. She is really good at rolling onto her stomach and is pretty good at rolling back over to her back. She does such a better job of staying on her stomach for awhile before she gets upset. She is also starting to put her knees underneath her. She has not really figured out the pushing up on her arms part yet though. It is so great to see her moving around instead of just laying in one spot!

They both reach for everything they can see, especially Isabella. She doesn't give up when she sees something she wants. It's really fascinating to watch the wheels in her head spin as she tries to find new ways to reach her goal. We are going to have to do some serious childproofing soon!


  1. I love that final picture- you can see their happy and mischievous personalities! Watching babies learn how to crawl is hilarious . . . but then comes the walking- good luck with that!!!

  2. I'm going to need all the luck I can get! Some extra eyes would be good too!