Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Museum

Our little monkeys took their first trip to the Nature & Science Museum today. We met some friends and spent a few hours walking around. The girls were great! Other than a little I'm hungry fussiness, they spent the whole time taking in the sights and babbling away. I think we will have to go more often.

The monkeys have made some more progress this week. Yesterday Isabella rolled from her stomach to her back for the first time. She is now rolling all over the place. She keeps ending up with her legs trapped under the couch and hasn't figured out how to get them out yet. She gets the cutest expression on her face when she realizes she is stuck. Caitlin rolled from her stomach to back for the first time today. This is great since she really dislikes tummy time. Hopefully she will start rolling off of her tummy when she wants to so she doesn't get so frustrated with tummy time. She is starting to roll to her sides more, but she hasn't quite made it from her back to her stomach without assistance yet. My little babies are getting a little more mobile every day :)

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