Thursday, March 5, 2009

You are supposed to be sleeping!

The girls have been showing some night owl tendencies over the last month. Last night was one of those nights. They were up a lot. Most noteably at 1 and 4 when they were wide awake and wanted to play. I oh so foolishly thought I would be able to catch a nap while they were napping today. I guess they did not get that memo. Naps apparently interfere with their bonding time. During one of my many trips into the nursery, this is what I saw:

Isabella has only rolled all of the way over by herself a few times. This is the first time she has done it in the crib. Caitlin clearly wants to keep her sissy as close as she can :)

In other news, Caitlin surprised her momma and sat up unassisted for a couple of minutes during our floor time. She is also gradually starting to like tummy time a bit more, so there is hope that she won't skip crawling. Isabella has really started going after everything around her. She is becoming mobile very quickly. We bought gates today so we have them when we need them. I am not sure I am ready for the fully mobile stage!

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