Friday, March 6, 2009

Scariest day of my life.

Mom and I went shopping with the girls this afternoon. Caitlin started crying a little in the car becuase she was tired and maybe wanted a little more milk than the bottle I had given her in the store. I hoped that she would fall asleep like she ususally does when she is tired and in the car. About half way home she suddenly starts crying really hard. We are in rush hour traffic and I'm trapped in the middle lane. Then I hear something very liquidy and Caitlin started making a really weird noise. I asked my mom if she was choking. Mom asked what I said. Then I realized Caitlin was really choking. I yelled out she's choking! Mom launched herself into the backseat and frantically tried to get Caitlin out of the car seat while yelling at me to pull over. Mom finally got Caitlin out and was able to get her positioned so she could clear her airway.

My baby had vomited and was choking on it and there was nothing I could do. Thank God my mom was with me. That minute when mom was trying to get Caitlin out of the seat was the scariest time of my life. Not being able to get her myself was the most helpless feeling I have ever had. I was so scared that we wouldn't get her out in time. I cried and hugged Caitlin for the longest time when we got home. I'm still shaking thinking about how different the outcome might have been if mom hadn't been with me. Caitlin is ok now. She was laughing and playing before bedtime like nothing had happened. As for me, well I could use a strong drink.

On a much less dramatic note...the monkeys had a play date with 7 other babies today. Most of the babies were born within a few weeks of each other. It was a lot of fun and a lot of chaos! I think the play dates are really starting to have a positive effect the girls' development. Having so much action going on around them when they are on the floor is a big motivator to keep playing instead of trying to get mom and dad to hold them. Both girls sat up unassisted for long stretches while we were there. They seem to like being around other babies and are doing a pretty good job of not staying in their twin bubble. Our pediatrician said its common for twins to only want to play with each other and ignore other babies, so I hope they continue to develop their peer interactions. The big benefit for me is all of the adult interaction. I am grateful for the opportunity to spend time with other women at the same stage in their lives.

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